What Are The Best Dating Site For Transgender Community?

The tide in online dating is changing, and we are seeing more dating sites embrace transsexuals and offering an option alongside male and female categories. Better yet, there is an increase in the number of dating sites dedicated to the transgender community. Here are some of the best trans dating sites for the transgender community.

Trans Date

Trans Date is one of the leading transgender dating sites in the world and has been operational for over a decade. It has members from all over the world, and it is available in a variety of languages. You can also add videos and watch videos from other members. It also has a host of features such as members can host a webcam show, write a blog, and participate in monthly contests.

This trans date site is optimized for all devices, and it makes sense to use Trans Date to meet new people on the go.

Transgender Date

Transgender Date was founded in 2007, and it has received several redesigns over the years. It is a fantastic trans dating site, given that it is free, and it has over 400,000 active monthly users.

Transgender Date has one of the highest numbers of verified ladyboys, and this means that there are very minimal chances of being the victim of a scam. The features include galleries, videos, blogs, and chats.

TG Personals

This has to be the oldest trans dating site in the world today. It has been operational since 1999. You can search through the members’ list via age, keyword, location, gender identity, among others to find the ideal transsexual partner.

TG Personals is free to use, including chatting, browsing, viewing photos, and videos. The website layout encourages members to provide as much information as possible to help other members know them ion a deeper level.


These are some of the best dating sites for the transgender community. However, these sites do not limit the membership to the transgender community. You will find a variety of straight and gay men and women looking to hook up with transsexuals on these sites for a long term relationship.

The Biggest Myths About Sex

The Biggest Myths About Sex

Sex is a term which is ever related to myths. With today’s society, it is built up often as something male-centric or elusive. Therefore, it is not surprising anymore that most people still feel misled these days.

Now is the best time to erase the misconceptions about sex as we debunked them one by one;

Myth #1 – There’s no fun in using condom.

Not at all. The right type of condom can improve sex for the couples. A recent research discovered that almost 68% of men choose the wrong shape or size condom. Once they tried a different condom and figured out the perfect fit, the fun and pleasure skyrocketed.

How Can Sex Help Save Your Marriage?

How Can Sex Help Save Your Marriage?

Living a married life is something that needs extra time, effort and attention for your relationship to work out, regardless of your various commitments (work, care-giving your aging parents and other obligations that you need to attend to). You still have to make it up with your spouse.

However, torn between taking care of your commitments and taking care of your marriage are just some of the reasons why many couples end up divorcing, thus finding their relationship forlorn because of the divided attention that was supposedly intended to nurture their married life. Furthermore, the inadequate time, stress, lack of privacy and increased financial constraints are some of those additional driving force that triggers broken relationships.

What Sex Means to Men and Women?

What Sex Means to Men and Women?

Men and women approach and perceive things around differently. Sex is no exception. Know what sex means to men and women through this article.

What does it mean to men?

Every time a man thinks about sex, we always assume that it’s related to their hormones. However, men’s urgency about the subject isn’t just about the physical attraction. Contrary to the belief, sex could satisfy multiple needs at different levels for gentlemen, providing them the chance to experience vulnerability, closeness, self-transcendence as well as reassurance at once.