How Can Sex Help Save Your Marriage?

How Can Sex Help Save Your Marriage?

Living a married life is something that needs extra time, effort and attention for your relationship to work out, regardless of your various commitments (work, care-giving your aging parents and other obligations that you need to attend to). You still have to make it up with your spouse.

However, torn between taking care of your commitments and taking care of your marriage are just some of the reasons why many couples end up divorcing, thus finding their relationship forlorn because of the divided attention that was supposedly intended to nurture their married life. Furthermore, the inadequate time, stress, lack of privacy and increased financial constraints are some of those additional driving force that triggers broken relationships.

Good thing, sex can help you revive your marriage. To learn how sex can spare you from divorce. Keep on reading.

Sex Does Prepare You To Face Life Together

Did you really know what you’ve embarked upon as soon as you recite your marriage vows? It can’t be denied that marriage is full of surprises and trials; however facing life together with another person has its own share of challenges. Every day, we are being called to survive – from organizing messy garage to paying high utility bills.

Wondering how sex is linked with all of these? Here’s how.  Most couples who purposely do and love sex found that unity beneath the sheets itself to oneness outside their love nest.

In other words, nurtured sexual intimacy reminds a couple that they are wife and husband and they must fight and face everything together. Sex serves as an important pathway to the inseparability you intended.

It Relieves Stress

After a long, tiring day in the office, all too often you want to pamper yourself. Tender physical contact and sexual pleasure with the man you care and love the most can greatly relieve your stress. During lovemaking, some things happen inside your bodies such as the release of oxytocin and endorphin. These are also pertained as ‘feel good’ hormones.

In addition to that, when you develop a good sexual intimacy, it leads to better sleep, giving you and your partner clear mind to make good decisions. With all the stresses and hassles of life, it would be a wise decision to fulfill your partner’s sexual needs. Start it tonight.

The bottom line

No matter what problem which might come down the road, do not think of resolving it alone. At least make it a habit to allot some time for sexual intimacy and then later talk about whatever issues that arise down the road.

Married couples should put in their mind that going away from the problem is never a solution. Be courageous and supportive enough.

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