The Biggest Myths About Sex

The Biggest Myths About Sex

Sex is a term which is ever related to myths. With today’s society, it is built up often as something male-centric or elusive. Therefore, it is not surprising anymore that most people still feel misled these days.

Now is the best time to erase the misconceptions about sex as we debunked them one by one;

Myth #1 – There’s no fun in using condom.

Not at all. The right type of condom can improve sex for the couples. A recent research discovered that almost 68% of men choose the wrong shape or size condom. Once they tried a different condom and figured out the perfect fit, the fun and pleasure skyrocketed.

Myth #2 – The only goal during intercourse is orgasm.

Most individuals perceive sex as journey, concentration on arriving at a specific destination known as orgasm, instead of enjoying everything down the road. However,  sex is more than that. It should sexual intimacy that must be what feels exciting and pleasurable to you.  By means of exploration, every sexual encounter could be more thrilling, not being stuck on the same conclusion.

Myth #3 – Sex is more enjoyable when you are still young.

It’s definitely not true. While sex during your younger days may be more athletic and quicker, older adults who are sexually active claimed that, they experienced more fulfilling and rewarding intercourse of their lives. At this time, there is more focus on creativity, sensuality, and emotional connection and at the same time, less emphasis for quick orgasms.

Melanie Davis, Ph.D. CSE says that we shouldn’t be envious to younger generation as we could have a much better time for this.

Myth #4 – Woman can feel orgasm through an intercourse alone.

Approximately 75% of women don’t experience orgasm by means of vaginal intercourse alone. Direct clitoral stimulation is necessary. When both partners want reach climax instantaneously during sex, it’s would be best to use a vibrator or their finger to pleasure the clitoris.

Myth #5 – The size of penis matters.

Another common misconception in sex is that, the bigger the penis, the better— which is wrong. Size doesn’t matter as what most of us think. The real deal here is the compatibility of the size. A small vagina and a big penis aren’t a good combination. Moreover, knowing how to play with it skillfully is more significant than its size.

Myth #6 – There must be an erection to arouse a woman.

The process of turning on a woman and arousing her can be delightful itself, especially when the mind isn’t preoccupied with any performance demands. Having said that, you should be aware that foreplay doesn’t need an erection. Many women want foreplay even without vaginal intercourse. As a matter of fact, some girls do foreplay to intercourse and usually relish it more when it’s not used as a strategy to reach orgasm right away.

There you have it – the top biggest myths related to sex. Don’t be ashamed and embarrassed when seeking answers about this subject. This may possibly led you to being deceived or worse, experiencing sexual problems down the line.


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