What Sex Means to Men and Women?

What Sex Means to Men and Women?

Men and women approach and perceive things around differently. Sex is no exception. Know what sex means to men and women through this article.

What does it mean to men?

Every time a man thinks about sex, we always assume that it’s related to their hormones. However, men’s urgency about the subject isn’t just about the physical attraction. Contrary to the belief, sex could satisfy multiple needs at different levels for gentlemen, providing them the chance to experience vulnerability, closeness, self-transcendence as well as reassurance at once.

Not only that, sex for men is less emotion because they undergo different reaction on their brain. It is not to tell that they don’t have any feelings attached to sex. However, their emotional response isn’t automatic just like in women. Men tend to be more involves in casual sex with no emotional consequences compared to women. But as mentioned above, not every man does this practice. Most men feel strongly of making love with somebody whom they love and care for within a relationship.

How do women perceive sex?

Sexual intimacy plays a significant role in a loving relationship for women. Oftentimes, it serves as the glue which bonds a couple. It does not let them feel connected but it also forms and releases the ‘feel good’ hormones like oxytocin, which lets anyone stay energetic, vibrant, and happy.

Generally, women utilize it to express their appreciation and love towards their partner. Their chemical make-up directs to have a certain reaction to sex – attachment. In actuality, there’s an area in their brain which is triggered during and then after their sexual climax. This specific area sends out a couple of chemicals which then activate emotional responses.

When they are in a relationship, girls get much of their positivity and feeling of being cared and loved by means of verbal affection. Once a man declares to a woman how he affirms what they have and how he feels with words, he’s been fulfilling her need to feel the most beautiful creature to be treated like a queen. If a woman does the same thing for their partner, it doesn’t have the same impact. It’s because women have two unique verbal centers located in their brain. No matter what the reason is, sex isn’t the only major factor for woman’s validation in a relationship.

Meanwhile, sex serves as the primary factor for men to see the status of their marriage. When a couple isn’t having sex regularly, the man may feel unsatisfied. Believe it or not, men get most of his validation right from the physical act of making love instead of the verbal affection any woman craves for.

These are not the only differences between how men and women see sex. Regardless, it’s a powerful form of passion both for men and women. Knowing and understanding what this means to each other and exerting efforts to meet each other’s sexual needs can lead to the best marriage ever.

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